A Busy Month

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My apologies for not posting for the last few weeks.

My daughter attends a private school and I was asked to coach the students competing in speech for the annual competition. Winners on the regional level advanced to state and students who won first place at the state competition advanced to the national competition for the American Association of Christian Schools (held at Bob Jones University in South Carolina). Unfortunately, with all of the snow, the time frame between regional, state and national competitions was very tight. But the work paid off. One of my students (not my daughter, so I can’t name the student here), performed “The Revenge of Hamish” by Sidney Lanier and took 3rd in the nation.

Her medal:

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In the News…

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This has been a crazy month. I have been helping my daughter’s school with their fine arts competition by coaching speech students nearly every day.

Since my last post, we have seen a number of things transpire. The disappearance of the Malaysian plane has baffled authorities and obsessed news outlets.

The invasion of Crimea by Russian forces– which would not have happened under a president like Reagan or Bush.

Hobby Lobby’s case against Obamacare is set to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.

This week will probably yield some result for each of these news worthy items and I will try to comment on them. However, be aware that the fine arts competition will not likely be done until this Friday. Until then…



The War on Humans

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Watch the following from The Discovery Institute. It is scary to see how far many of the radical leaders of the environmental/animal rights movement will go to achieve their goals. For more information, visit http://www.waronhumans.com/


h/t National Review

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Harry Reid’s Fantasy Land

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harry reid fantasy land

Harry Reid is living in a fantasy land. Reid claims that the many Obamacare horror stories we have all heard are lies. Well, I have the letter from my husband’s employer stating that our insurance company was going to raise our premium by 28 % but the employer managed to keep it to 13.5%. That is still an increase of 13.5%. We have also seen a tremendous jump in costs for our sons’ therapy. Both boys receive private speech and occupational therapy (OT) because of their autism. Before Obamacare, we paid a $15 co-pay for each boy for each visit. Now, we have a $300 beginning deductible for each boy and the insurance company is only going to cover 80% of the charges. The boys each receive speech and OT for once hour once a week (eight visits a month).

Harry Reid can continue living in fantasy land but the rest of us have paperwork (and the bills!) detailing how much this is going to cost us.

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Marco Rubio on Cuba/Venezuela

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This is one of the best speeches he has delivered on the Senate floor. It is powerful and almost completely extemporaneous. Senator Rubio only glanced at his notes a few times.

Rubio notes that only three leaders in the Western hemisphere have spoken out against what is happening in Venezuela. Watch this powerful speech:


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Wacoal’s “My Beautiful Woman” Campaign

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These ads are life-affirming looks at the sacrifices women make to take care of others–especially children.

Lingerie company, Wacoal, created the ad campaign to show that all women are beautiful. These are wonderful ads–just be sure to watch them with tissue at hand. They come out of Thailand but they have English subtitles.



h/t Dave Andrusko, NRL News Today

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Planned Parenthood’s Valentine’s Day Wish

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Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards thinks that women need abortion for Valentine’s Day.









Planned Parenthood of Maryland posted the following photo on Twitter:

For Planned Parenthood, Valentine’s Day isn’t about love, it’s about sex—and the two are not synonymous.

PPFA’s various campaigns only promote sex without commitment which may work for many men but, for women, it leaves them with the uncertainty (and a possible pregnancy) that a lack of commitment leads to. I think single women everywhere need to claim Beyonce’s “Put A Ring On It” as an anthem and tell PPFA to stop giving men an excuse to use them and leave them.*

*Not all men are like this.

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Happy Valentine’s Day–Rules for a Successful Marriage

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valentines day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My husband and I actually celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary earlier this week. The keys to success? Always, always, always put the other one first (if you both do this, it works very well). Always talk to each other. Always say “I love you.” When you are angry, go to another room (or at least the opposite corner) and think about what you are going to say before you say it. Never, under any circumstances, say “I hate you” or “I want a divorce”–once these statements have left your lips, they hang in the air during every subsequent argument. Try not to raise your voice when you disagree.

Appreciate every little thing the other person does. If my husband does the dishes (which he does nearly every day), I know he does them to say thank you for all that I do.

Back each other up. If I tell my daughter that she can’t have an Instagram account because I think she is too young, my husband backs me up and agrees with me. If he tells her that she can’t go on a ski trip because her basketball team has a game that weekend (and she’s on the team), I agree with him. Our kids know they can’t pit us against each other because we work as a team. Oh, and don’t fight or argue in front of them.

Of course, it helps to be married to the most wonderful person in the world.  :)

There are whole books dedicated to the subject but these are on my short list of rules.


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