Human Life Review Article: “Alfie Evans, the Philosophy of Futile Care, and the Right to Life”

What follows is my most recent submission to Human Life Review which appeared in the Summer 2018 issue. If you would like to subscribe, please visit Human Life Review.┬áIt’s a great publication! I followed the case of Alfie Evans in the United Kingdom almost from the beginning as his parents fought to get him tested Read More

Modern Civility

I am not going to opine on whether Judge Brett Kavanaugh is innocent or whether Dr. Ford is a victim. There are plenty of people out there who have strong opinions on both sides. What I am concerned about is the idea that we are innocent until proven guilty–until you are tried in the court Read More

Technology Challenges

This site has been down since the end of June and I could not figure out what was going on. My hosting company charged my fee to renew my hosting and, within the hour, my website was down (hidden–even the admin page wouldn’t come up!). It has been driving me nuts that I haven’t been Read More