To Vote or Not to Vote–That is a Question

My daughter and I got into an argument tonight over her voter registration–as in she didn’t want to register and I made her. She is still upset with me.  I told her that she could register and, if she didn’t want to vote, that was up to her but at least she would be registered Read More

What a Mess

What a week and what a mess. It’s enough to make you want to run and hide. My role in my job changed recently and I don’t like it and I feel a little lost, I was accused of sometimes overreacting by a family member, and, at work, my opinion on something (in which I Read More

A Lie vs. the Truth

The expression, “A lie can be halfway around the world before the truth has its boots own,” has been attributed to Mark Twain, Sir Winston Churchill, and Charles Haddon Spurgeon but the quote originates with Jonathan Swift who wrote (in 1710) “Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it.” Amazing how some truths can Read More