Embracing Autism

My son, Peter, loves music. He’s learning to play the piano and has been taking lessons from a very, very patient piano teacher. While he is with Ms. Kelly, he is alert and focused, listening as she explains chords or a diminished 5th. One day, I hope to hear him play Mozart or Beethoven with Read More

Interests and Topics

I have a wide variety of interests both in my reading and writing. I tend to be conservative and read conservative publications but I’m not afraid to read opposing viewpoints. I love logic and debate (having debated in college), word origins, grammar, and old books. I also love British cozy mysteries, British television, action movies, Read More

Technology Challenges

If you’ve read my biography, you’ll know I have two sons on the autism spectrum. Last year, I had just straightened out my website and restored the customization when my middle child spilled water on my brand new laptop. Sadly, the spill fried the motherboard. Then our desktop lost its ability to recognize our password Read More


Welcome! Due to whole host of issues, I became very, very busy and forgot to update my payment method for my website! And you know host companies have issues if they can’t get their payment– so I lost all of the information and materials on my website. I have to start from scratch but no Read More